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The T-Ring was designed to give health care providers a safer and more effective option to current digital tourniquet methods.  It was developed specifically to overcome the limitations and risks that are associated with these techniques.  Our efforts to overcome these difficulties have led to a breakthrough in digital tourniquet design:  the T-Ring is the only digital tourniquet that automatically adjusts to the size of the digit, resulting in
a safe, reliable pressure with each use.  In fact, the T-Ring has been shown to effectively provide hemostasis while applying less pressure than any other tourniquet method! This makes the “T-Ring” the safest, most efficient and effective digital tourniquet in use today.

We have reviewed the literature and consulted experts to identify the features of an “ideal” digital tourniquet; and we incorporated these features into the design of the T-Ring.  After years of research, testing and clinical use, we are confident that the T-Ring will provide you a faster, more effective and safer option for your procedures involving digits.

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Perforated Stainless Steel Micro Baskets.

Perforated Stainless Steel Baskets are the “next generation” in Micro Trays. Using one piece of perforated stainless steel, the wrap around design maximises water and steam penetration, whilst ensuring that instruments aren’t able to penetrate through the side of the tray. Machine welded and electro polished, these baskets are high quality and come with hinged lids.


Reusable brush with medical grade nylon bristles, with 5 interspaced brushes along a stainless steel stem. 
Ideal for cleaning cannulas, such as Laparoscopic and Orthopaedic cannulas, up to 60cm in length.

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